The Illumatek Story as of January 18th 2017

Many years ago an idea was hatched by a guy named John Miller. It was an idea born out of pain from a bike accident that left John with enough metal in his body to set off TSA alarms when he drives by airports.

Broken bones didn't slow him down. Instead it fueled his passion to do something that might at best, save a life or at the very least, create opportunities for veterans to somehow be involved in the manufacturing process.

About 10 years ago, after much engineering and mental fortitude, John was granted US Patent US7275845 B2 because his use of LEDs in vehicle windshields was clever and unique.

Just like life is for all of us, John had a few speed bumps, one in particular that began a little over two years ago. This wrinkle caused Illumatek production to be interrupted and during those two years, most of his crew moved on to other projects. When the dispute was settled last month, John's flight deck was finally cleared for take-off.

That brings us to today: Illumatek Version II

We are a new crew, with a bigger vision, but the same old tenacity and passion for building shields that help make your bike heirloom-worthy. Our #1 mission is to get the manufacturing machine oiled up and restarted with shields for touring class bikes. We're ok with the idea of a slow and steady ramp-up because this time, we're building the foundation so it can expand as we go.

As we all know, ramping up requires funding. Many would shout "Crowd-fund it!" and perhaps we will consider that one day, but right now we have all we need to get this going: YOU

During the two years we were slowed to crawl, John continued to stay in touch with the many people he came to know via Facebook and his weekly trips to the HD Museum every Thursday night. He continued to attend rallies and bike shows so to maintain Illumatek inertia.

Now it's time to have a bowl of pudding; to see how much intertia we have left.

One of the reasons that crowd-funding is successful is because companies are seeking funding by soliciting lots of strangers. Nothing wrong with that. However, we don't want to start with strangers. We have too many friends who stood by patiently waiting for this day to finally arrive.

What we're asking from you today:

1) If you've been waiting for a shield, fill out this form so we know you're still interested. No obligation. No strings attached. We just need a headcount and what types of bikes we need to plan for. We will email each of you to let you know where you are in the queue and will share our new ordering and QC process with you.

2) If you're just thinking about getting a shield, you can fill out the same form and we'll keep you in the loop. We will not share your email with spammers. We don't like those guys either.

And the biggest request for last ...

3) Tell your friends that we're back. Word of mouth is how we grew before and we know it will always yield the most valuable connections. We are humbly asking you to help spread this message and it is with great eagerness we look forward to again lighting up the world, one bike a time.